Taking Sides in Oasis Gate 2K9. The music stopped but the Pretty Green clothing continues.

prettygreenThis year saw the world divided. No, I’m not talking politics as we will not even get into that. I am speaking of course about the “final” nail in the coffin of Oasis with Noel leaving the group “for good.” Whatever side you took, I am sure you have your reasons. But one question looms: Why wait this long to call it quits? Is Oasis still relevant? I definitely got into Dig Out Your Soul, but I seemed to be the only one. It conjures up thoughts akin to my friend in Chicago voicing his thoughts on the Smashing Pumpkins reuniting to play. “Even the Windy City, the Pumpkins’ hometown, find Billy Corgan irrelevant.”

prettygreen1The sibling squabbles were covered widely by the press (yours truly included). Not all the details are known for this “finalization” of the band. Maybe Noel thought Liam spent too much time on his Pretty Green clothing line. Maybe Liam ate Noel’s sandwich when it was clearly marked with a big ‘N.’ Whatever the case, I doubt Liam is going to save a Lime Monkey Jacket for his brother. I bet he doesn’t even give him a discount either. If my brother had a clothing line (oh wait, he does) and didn’t throw me product from time to time, I would be upset. Hey, maybe that’s the reason he left the band…..



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