Slam into the Gap! Getting intense for vests.

gapvestWhile I embrace the Colorado lifestyle with two gigantic open arms, you won’t see me driving an Outback with a huge dog in the back named something like Bailey or Montana anytime soon. I am, though, heading to the hills this weekend for a friend’s bachelor party. No, we won’t be hiring strippers nor “giving him his last taste of freedom,” as he is not that type of guy. We will be playing lots of guitar, keeping it low-key and perhaps partaking in Wizard Sticks.

gapvest1The weather in Breckenridge is perfect this time of year. Not too cold, not too hot. It’s that perfect, “All I need is a sweater and down vest,” temperature. As I don’t actually own a vest I have come to realize after scouring my closet, I find myself in the market. On one of my frequent lunch time shopping sprees, I rammed into the Gap and saw their line. Good looking, for sure. While the Gap remains a complete hit or miss, they came through with some fine offerings this season. I didn’t buy one as I adhere to the mindset of, “If it’s in stores, I can find it cheaper online,” but I came back to the office and IMed my brother notifying him of these. In the response, he of course one-upped me with a recent vintage North Face down vest scored on eBay. Oh well. C’est la vie.



One response to “Slam into the Gap! Getting intense for vests.

  1. ive found down jackets and vests to be a bit hideous because they do nothing to compliment your personal figure, and instead make you look like the Michelin tire man.
    but with classic colors like these and plaid lining, i think these vests are a great snag!

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