The Bow-mentum of Failure. Every Friday from here on out.

bowtieYes, I know bow ties are all the rage these days, but I have decided to make every Friday “bow tie” day, even if just in my life. As said tie makes anyone look that much more adorable, there is really only one foreseeable drawback to this plan: I will have to put a dent in the account with the purchase of more and more bows. The little guys are much more noticeable than regular ties. In fact, and this just happened, my coworker, Isaac, just came into my office and said, “Will, not many people can pull a bow tie. But you can. Looking good.” Thanks, Isaac. Thanks for reconfirmation of both sides of this coin.

rugbybowtieThe collection is starting to build sure, and with the latest addition of the Rugby Fortress, I’m set for, oh, a month or so. But I want to make this a bigger deal and am calling on all of you to partake in something fun. That said, grab yourself a bow tie, snap a picture, and every Friday from here on out on Momentum, I will post your lovely shots for all the world to see. Sound good? “But, Will, what about us girls?” Oh, I haven’t forgot you whatsoever.

girlsbowtieFirst off, let me say that if you were willing to don a bow tie, I would most likely marry you on the spot. However, I did stumble upon a cool Esty site this morning full of accessories featuring the neckwear in a new fashion. Could I have been drawn to this site because the girl modeling said items is too cute? Maybe. Or maybe I’m just looking out for everyone.

One last thing: If I were to, say, rent out some sort of space, whether it be a bar, restaurant, roller rink, or something of that ilk, would you attend a Bow Tie Party with hopes of raising money for a local charity/good cause? Comment below….



15 responses to “The Bow-mentum of Failure. Every Friday from here on out.

  1. W-
    Great idea. Need to have a gallery of the friday bow ties here on MoF.

  2. Would I attend!? Without question. And yes, us ladies can and should don neckwear (or that darling necklace)…I’m working up to a bow this fall.

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  4. Yes…I would be there. I have bow tie day every other day or so, so I’m totally on board my man.

  5. you seem like a real mister bow tie. would love to post your picture on our site……… !

  6. I would SO go!
    i personally dont have a stock of bowties, but if there was an occasion that warranted a bowtie, then I would start the collection and shoe off my new BT =)

  7. Bummer I don’t have one for tomorrow….maybe next time…

  8. Peeped some amazing bow ties from Alexander Olch over at AContinuousLean ‘s office yesterday. They’re definitely pricey, but amazing. Not a lot of examples on the site as apparently they are mainly carried by Bergdorf.

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