Like Owner like Pet. We both look good in Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren Round SunglassesI could be embarrassed by the fact that when I went to JCrew and West Elm yesterday, employees at both stores greeted me, “Hey, Will,” but I would rather be proud of the fact I am so memorable. It helps, sure, that I work literally across the street from the retailers and frequent them, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a nice feeling to have someone remember your name. That wasn’t the case when I ventured to Polo, though. I just got some creepy older gentleman following me around, arms crossed behind his back, observing my every movement. I hate that. If I need help, I’ll find you, okay? I felt bad as I was the only one in the store, so I made it worth his while by trying on a pair of the RL Rounds. Effin classy, man. I dug the hell out of them until I saw $375 pricetag. My birthday is coming up….ahem.

Ralph Lauren Dog CollarBack to the recognition thing: It will only be better being recognized when I finally make the addition of a canine to my small family of one. That way, when we grace a store with our presence, assuming they’re animal-friendly, employees can say, “Hi, Will. And Hi, Will.” I forgot to say, I’m considering naming my dog after me. Which is either adorable or ego-maniacal or both. Regardless, I just can’t wait to take him/her shopping at pet stores for leashes, toys, bowls, and a badass collar. Then it’s, “Hello, ladies.”



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