The Original: Drakes. Of London, not the Coffee Cake.

DrakesEvery day, I stumble across yet another site at which to spend some of my gentlemanly time. Finding the ELC was a true blessing as was the fine folks at Mr. Bowtie and the Fine and Dandy Shop. Today, though, I ventured across the pond, with a tip of the hat to H(y)R Collective, to have a look at the ties, knits, scarves, and other classy goods at Drakes London. I, of course, was immediately drawn towards their bow ties but explored the rest of the site.

Drakes ScarfI am set on scarves and pretty good in the tie department, given my finds yesterday. The ties would make some pretty stellar Groomsmen gifts. I say that because next week I am a groomsman in my buddy’s wedding, and that is what all of us are getting. Ties. And I heard they cost a pretty penny, too. But I think it’s a good idea and might even chomp the idea whenever it is I decide to tie the knot. I’ve never been a part of a wedding, save for cooking at my uncle’s hitchin a few years back. I need to get working on my toast. Any pointers would be more than appreciated. Do I or don’t I bring up that Barbados trip?



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