Can’t someone else do it? Banana Republic answers the All-American question.

Why do the legwork when someone else is offering to do it for you? Isn’t that the American way? Getting something for nothing? Feeling your ass grow while others are putting in extra effort? While I was raised to be the one to do the work, sometimes it is nice when someone extends a hand and helps you out. And as a native of Colorado, I know as well as anyone that you have to be prepared for every type of weather every day of the year.BR Coat GuideAnyone familiar with Rocky Mountain weather knows that it can shift dramatically at the drop of a hat without warning. Our closets are stocked with windbreakers, peacoats, moto jackets, sport coats, trenches and ski jackets year round because, hey, if it’s snowing today, tomorrow will be in the upper 60s. Not even our meteorologists can give us an accurate forecast most of the time. It’s mildly annoying, sure, but no one is complaining about the sun shining in the dead of January. Banana Republic has always had a wide variety of outerwear from which to choose and is now offering their new line for those needing a little assistance understanding when to wear what, with what and how. So while I think proactivity is really the way to go, no matter how hard the work, it’s nice to not have to hunt through an entire site for various selections.


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