It’s still warm enough for drinks in the park and a portable bar.

portable barWhenever my friends and I would get together in the park this past Summer, the obligatory cooler chocked full of Tecate and Bud Light would be in tow, leaving little to no room for a few bottles of champagne, vodka, and wine. It’s not like we were gonna bring two coolers. Who has time for that? In lieu of a second, we would just throw the bottle in a plastic grocery bag. Which was actually of benefit, serving as the trash bag when all was said and done.

Sure, it would have been good if we remembered a corkscrew, but there’s something that excites a man’s primal instincts having to figure out a way to open a bottle of wine with nothing but that which nature supplies. I forgot exactly how we did it, but we eventually pried the cock out of that bottle of Yellowtail. This is where a portable bar and a slew of utensils would have been handy. But, dammit, we’re men. Gimme that damn thing. SMASH! There. Now drink it. Watch out for glass shards.



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