Fads & Lads. The Bacon Genie & a Bow Tie.

Bacon GenieIn case you didn’t know or if you’ve been living under a rock, BaconFest 2K9 has been postponed until April 2K10, which is good and bad. It’s bad because that means 2009 will see no Baconfest, and if ever a year needed something good to go for it, this is it. However, it’s grand for me that the event is happening in April of next year because now I can actually go. I have friends in Chicago boo-hooing about the delays, but with all the traveling I’m doing this month, Baconfest wasn’t among the top priorities. Now it gives me more time to prepare: I can snag a Bacon Genie and increase my daily intake of the cured meat so I don’t appear a lightweight at the event.

Bow TieHowever, no matter how much stuffing of my stomach I do, I will still probably get a few glances, leers and jeers if I show up in a bow tie. I don’t find the event exactly synonymous with said neckwear. I could be wrong. I could very well be presented with nothing but a room full of bow tied individuals enjoying the saltier delicacies in life. With the way fads go, this could be the case. I mean, bacon is everywhere right now. Why not bow ties? Tease me if you may, but I look damn good in them. So say what you will.



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