First snow of the year always get me thinking Stormy Kromer.

StraightShooterShirtI can’t express, in words, how much I enjoy this time of year. I mean, I could try, but I would most likely fail miserably. Does that make me a bad writer or does it make the Autumn season that awesome? Since I bust my ass to maintain the Momentum day in day out, I will have to wager it’s the greatness of the season. Mainly, it’s the sweater-wearing aspect that excites me the most, as I have quite the collection. And what signifies this time of year like turning the sides of your Stormy Kromer down? Nothing. That’s what.

Kromer CoozyIf you find yourself in the woods hunting elk in a Strait Shooter, your beer wrapped in wool, you’re going to be glad all your extremities are covered. I should clarify, too, that I do not condone drinking while wielding firearms. I mean, it’s okay when you’re hunting, especially those dangerous elk,  but it’s frowned upon to put back a few cold ones and partake in target practice in your suburban neighborhood. Just saying….



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