Outside observer: Dressing the Part for Rugby at Infinity Park

CanterburyAside from a costume fitting, the Rockies game, and a birthday dinner & drinks affair, my Saturday is relatively free. Alright, so if I actually do add anything to the list of plans, I will be stretching myself a little thin. But how can I miss the USA v. Argentina match tomorrow at Infinity Park? I got really into Rugby this past weekend and was very much wanting to partake in the sport myself. I think it may be a better idea to witness a game first-hand before I decide that, “Yes, this is the sport for me.” If I see one broken anything (jaw, arm, leg, ankle, tooth), I will stick with dressing like I play until I get over it.

Rugby Fleece PantAs expensive as my tastes are when it comes to my recent penchant for Rugby wear, I would rather shell out $80 for Bulldog fleece pants than $8000 to realign my jaw and have to eat meals through a straw for 2 months. I have a hard enough time watching videos of bones breaking. It would exponentially more difficult to handle if it were happening to my person. That said, anyone want to enjoy the match from the safety of the grandstands tomorrow around 2PM where the only threat is having a go with some opposing hooligans?



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