Factory Fresh Johnston & Murphy Chukkas. After work, I got the first round.

DSC00977Who would have thought that when I posted up the J&M 1850 Messenger, the company would get in touch with me and send a few items my way? Not me, that’s who. As I didn’t expect anything at all, the offer of sending the 1850 and a pair of chukkas was more than welcome. I’m not one to be a shill. “Oh buy this because it’s cool and new and you must have it!” Neigh, I swing the other direction. Granted, I often buy what I don’t need (ahem, the Simpsons watch), I have to say that for a young professional like myself, a good pair of chukkas is a must. The J&M boots are wickedly comfortable whether I’m getting hassled by my coworkers for my bow ties or buying the next round at the bar across the street from the office. While the boots aren’t going to pair with suit slacks (the Owen Saddle is a better bet for those), a pair of khakis and a woven is still a good look.



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