It’s worth it to see you smile. And it’s a guarantee if you read Labs with Abs.

LabsWithAbsI have to get better about reading. It’s hard, though, given the Fall TV schedule. I am enjoying the hell out of it. How I Met Your Mother? Possibly the worst-named show but funny as all get out. I can feel my brain slowly melting away, however, with each press of the laugh-track button. Perhaps tonight, after the conclusion of Hell’s Kitchen, I can finally release myself from the tethers of the tube and immerse myself in the pages of a good book. It took me three months to finish my last one (Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers is amazing), which is unacceptable.

LabwithAbs1Not that I consider Labs With Abs a proper book book, it definitely got me laughing out loud (LOLing if you may) at my friends’ housewarming party a few weeks back. Talk about the perfect gift. It’s reason enough to go over to their house time and time again. That, and the two have a big TV. Wait, oh hell.



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