Like A.C.’s nickname for Zack: Going prep with Bonobos and Tucker Blair

BonobosAs I make it my mission to bring you all some of the finest products, coolest gizmos, and lively banter from around the ‘Net, I try to do so only if I have had prior experience with said gadgets and brands. But sometimes it’s the anticipation of possibly finally maybe pulling the trigger and purchasing something new, some brand with which I don’t already own half of its collection. Enter Bonobos. A few days ago, I mentioned something about how it’s time to ditch your girlfriend’s jeans for a pair of big boy pants. While I appreciate a good deal, spending a few extra dollars on, say, a pair of their corduroys would be worth it to sport the contrast in the back pockets. That, or fronting the dough for the tiger stripe-lined wool slacks. You never know who you will meet at happy hour after work…She may appreciate a good print.

Tucker Blair BeltAnd again, I don’t blindly promote, but when I discover an item that is pretty much me in that form, it’s hard not to get giddy as a school girl on lithium and pixie stix. Anyone who knows me or has ever met me in passing, knows I have a penchant for bow ties and champagne, among a plethora of other interests. I wear it on my sleeve. So to match my sleeve, Tucker Blair thought it best via belt. Hey, it’s hard to keep your pants up when you’re getting down. And I get down. WAAAAAAAY down.



2 responses to “Like A.C.’s nickname for Zack: Going prep with Bonobos and Tucker Blair

  1. Hello Gentlemen,
    If you have any questions about any Bonobos products, feel free to use the contact page on the website or contact me directly at I am in Las Vegas and do in person fittings if you are in town or just passing through! As a thank you for looking, just enter promo code sadowski10 at checkout for a discount. Enjoy!

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