Rich history & the JCrew Liquor Store alone warrant another trip to NYC.

Liquor StoreReading other bloggers‘ accounts of visiting the the new JCrew Shop has made me quite the jealous one. Denver is cursed in that capacity. Well, perhaps “cursed”is the wrong word to use. Let’s say that Denver is not looked to as a location where high-end designers and brands would test out something new. And, to be honest, I like it that way. It makes NYC that much more exciting to visit. I’m planning either and end-of-year or early Spring visit to the fair city and will be hitting all the mandatory not-in-Denver spots with the addition, this time, of a jaunt down to Tribeca and the JCrew Liquor Store.

Aside from this place being right next to one of my favorite taverns, strolling the streets of Soho and Tribeca was always one of my favorite things to do when I lived in NYC. You could feel the history seeping up from the old cobblestone streets. Plus, the first time I was ever down there,when I was training to become a bellhop at the Tribeca Grand, I saw Leelee Sobieski walking her little rat of a dog. Gorgeous in person, by the way. Anyway, I like seeing the places in NYC that still look semi-untouched by anything modern day. Sure, there are pictures, but experiencing it in person and knowing you’re standing where, perhaps, an old watch merchant stood selling his goods from a cart or an immigrant getting his first taste of freedom. I’ve always been the nostalgic type.



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