“New Arrival” emails from JCrew have become as exciting as kisses on a first date.

Jcrew Tartan BowtieMaybe it’s because I have become so obsessed lately with bow ties and the revamp of the wardrobe altogether, but it seems like it has been awhile since I’ve been on an actual first date. I haven’t had a friend or couple say to me, “You know, Will, we have the perfect person for you. You need to meet her. She’s totally your type…” Enter shuddering feeling of “Oh no. I truly hope to the heavens they know my ‘type,’ as I haven’t uttered one word about it some time now.” Not that I don’t like having the majority of my thoughts being consumed with what to buy next (because stimulating the economy is AMERICAN!!!), it would be nice to toss my hat back in the ring.

JCrew Bowery DuffelWhether that means waiting for cohorts to hook me up, relight an old flame, signing on to a (eesh) dating site, or going as far as to packing up a weekender and jetsetting somewhere completely new for a bit, I’m ready to meet someone new. By no means am I in that desperate “OH GOD I AM SO MISERABLY LONELY” state, I just want to relive that excitement and nervousness attached to a first date. I’ve never been to Nashville. And it’s been ages since I’ve been to, say, Dallas. And, sorry, I have to stay away from LA. At least for now.



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