Of a Best Man in Lawrence, KS prepping at the Bourgeois Pig

Lawrence KansasAs I’ve made it quite public to those around these parts, I am quite nervous about making my first Best Man speech this weekend at my best friend’s wedding. Yeah, I am headed to Lawrence, KS for the affair and have had much time to prepare for said toast. In typical fashion, I tried again and again to write something, something worthy of this great couple. And what does my moleskin have to show for it? A few doodles and trying to come up with new palindromes. Fail.

Bourgeois PigI get in before the whole lot of other folks and may have to mosey to the Bourgeois Pig and come up with something. This is my first wedding. Ever. Let alone the first one at which I need to say a few kind words. I asked my brother for advice today. “Speak from the heart,” he said. “Or, if you can’t do that, think Steve Buscemi in ‘The Wedding Singer.'” After a few beers at the Pig, I will have come to a conclusion. We will see. Deep breath. Here we go…



One response to “Of a Best Man in Lawrence, KS prepping at the Bourgeois Pig

  1. Don’t let nerves effect you when giving your speech after all everyone will be willing you on. Make sure to keep your jokes clean, your stories short (the wedding guests will have a short attention span) compliment often, refer to what a beautiful couple the newlyweds make and end with a triumphant toast, to a loud ovation.

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