A Leather Man LTD. belt and a Gerber Shard. Here to kick ass and drink beer…

Leather Man LTDWhat a great character Clint was in Dazed and Confused. Who didn’t want to take a shot at Adam Goldberg, though? His friend didn’t bother me, but had I need in Clint’s shoes and that prick dumped a beer on me? I would’ve released the bull inside just like the greaser did. Clint. Heh. What kind of a name is that? Clint. One letter away from vulgarity. Anyway, who among us hasn’t gone through their “Wanna rip my belt off and go psycho on you, sucka” phase?

GerberPersonally, I haven’t ever been in knock down, drag out fisticuffs with anyone. Though there is a certain lure to the “I just got my ass kicked by you, now let’s share a beer in good spirits.” While I would need some sort of bottle-opening implement to crack the top off said beer, assuming we’re drinking in public (I mean, we did just fight, right?), it would make the experience all the more memorable if I used my teeth…assuming they aren’t all knocked out.Heh…Clint.



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