Everyone’s favorite animal, buying local, and going green: Panda Bicycles.

PANDA the oneUp until a few years ago, the panda was my favorite animal. Going so far as to naming a band after said bear, my fondness for the creature was immeasurable. That was until it seemed like every teenager girl and their mother took to liking to the panda. Not that I’m one of those “I like it until it’s trendy then I hate it” people, it just got old when I couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who gets all hot for the bear. Believe me, I tried. Went through plenty of cats. PETA’s still trying to track me down.

In fact, you could draw similarities from the panda-craze to that of the fixed-gear bicycle phenomenon. People really went off the deep end with that, eh? I saw an orange fixie with pink deep-V’s, a neon green saddle, matching grips and a blue tube protector. Seriously? What the hell is that? What happened to just a simple looking bike? I guess to each his/her own and I shouldn’t be so judgmental. If you like looking like a circus clown, by all means, go forth. I just swing a different way. Not in like a “key party” way, though I am open to just about anything.



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