Sick dreams starring terrorist attacks, ex-girlfriends and Pottery Barn. No, really.

img96lWithout fail, I manage to have the oddest dreams when I get sick. Last night was no exception. As much as I enjoy the intrigue of said REM-state attractions, I would trade them for a clean bill of health any day. Last night’s dreams were among some of the most bizarre I have ever had. Where to begin…well, let’s see. Before I fell asleep, I remember looking at these oars by Pottery Barn. As I am in the midst of redecorating my place, these reminded me of a girl from my past who now runs her own, seemingly successful white-water rafting business in northern Colorado. So, that’s how she seeped into my dream realm. This may or may not deter me from buying them. DO I want that constant reminder? Or will I get over it and appreciate them for the pretty cool pieces of wall art that they are?

todryforBeyond the weirdness I felt after this dream and waking up in hot and cold sweats sporadically in the night, my subconscious delivered me a terrorist attack on Denver. I was tricked by the old noggin into believing that just before sunrise, fighter jets had dropped bombs on downtown, killing 3,000. For whatever reason, I didn’t immediately jump out of bed and flip on the news. I must’ve known that I was messing with myself, or I was just too content on staying cozy under the covers. Regardless, it was indeed a happy day when I finally did drag my lazy bones off of the mattress, pour a hot cup of coffee, flip on the mandatory Saved by the Bell, and got ready for work. All with no terrorist attack in sight. Phew.



4 responses to “Sick dreams starring terrorist attacks, ex-girlfriends and Pottery Barn. No, really.

  1. The hilarity of dreams. Last night mine was a frightening story based on Where The Wild Things Are. Oh, and buy the oars. Just maybe not all 4.

    • momentumoffailure

      Okay. I am buying the oars. If you like em, I like em. …I would have killed for a Wild Things dream versus that of 3,000 Denverites dying in a napalm fire.

  2. Hey guys, i just thought you might be interested in a free $500 gift card for the pottery barn outlets. No catch, just plain bargain!!

  3. nice aticle friend…

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