Mountain Nostalgia: Columbia Bugaboos and Tubbs Snowshoes.

Bugaboo ScarfI remember when Columbia first released their line of Bugaboo jackets and everyone lost their minds. “A jacket with a zip-out jacket inside of it? The future is wow! It’s like, before, I needed TWO different jackets. Now I only need one! What’s next? Flying cars?” Well, we’re close. I remember being younger and wanting a Bugaboo so bad. Like, SO bad. And I finally got one….in neon blue, green, and white which you can now only find on eBay it appears. That thing was killer. Now the name is found a plethora of other Columbia products as well as a Destiny’s Child album. Huzzah.

Tubbs MountaineerAt any rate, for as long as I can remember (okay, it’s been since 1993), my family has owned property in the mountains. An whether I was skiing, sledding, building snow forts and tunnels or refusing to go snowshoeing with my dad, I wore the hell out of that coat. It wasn’t made of the high-quality material the current models sport. It was waterproof sure, but it also seemed to absorb each and every single flake of dirt, food, blood, etc it came in contact with. The sleeves got dark, the elastic cuffs wore out, and one of the zippers inside broke, completely negating the inner jacket. I am sure Columbia has upped their technology. Still, even with those imperfections, I loved my bugaboo. Until I got “too cool” and ditched Columbia for flash-in-the-pan snowboard companies. Now, I’m back, baby.



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