Ralph Lauren Polo Bears make life so literal. Kind of.

Picture 2One of the best purchases I have made as of late is, maybe, the multi-DVD Amazon order consisting of Beerfest, Saved by the Bell College Years (yes it is good, leave me alone), Sexdrive, and The Simpsons First Season. These were purchases by all means. However, if you know anything about me, my movie collection, and how near and dear to me I hold pretty much everything under my roof, you would know I consider these flicks “investments in entertainment.” And, as I’ve said before, any purchase one makes for the good of his/her night’s sleep is, too, and investment. I snagged a comforter by RL a little over a year ago, and while it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable thing in the world, the bears in PJs allover print was too much for me not to get it. I mean, come on! They’re bears! And they’re wearing pajamas! That’s like a forklift carrying a crate of forks! It’s so literal. (Ahem, M. Hedberg.) Like a tie with bears wearing bow ties. I personally want a bow tie of bears wearing ties.

Nansen BootSpeaking of another area you shouldn’t skimp as you will be kicking yourself for cheaping out if you do: a pair of quality boots. When you find yourself in the Arapahoe National Forest, as I do many times during the Winter months, there is no worse feeling than having improper footwear, soaking your footsies and eventually catching hypothermia and dying, you’ll think that the $300 price tag for a pair of Nansen’s isn’t so terrible. Unless you value your life at under three bills….Personally, I’m somewhere in the area of like $16K-$25K. Decently priced but not audacious… like a new Civic without the sport package. Regardless, still way above $300, and without the look of an ugly pair of boots. We have to keep style in mind, people.



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