The art of the date: Opening beer bottles with your belt and Playing Like a Champion tonight.

Bates Beer bottle opener beltIt’s a drink with a friend after work tonight, and call it what you will, but I am calling it a date for no other reason than I’ve been excited about this for the entire week. To not get my hopes up and have them be inevitably crushed, I should probably refer to this happy hour as nothing more than a beer with a chum that happens to be a ridiculously beautiful girl. I saw her for a bit towards the end of 2008 then things sorta fizzled out…mainly due to some personal crap I put myself though and dissociating myself with the likes of mankind in general. I took solace in my TV on DVD characters. Anyway, when I was seeing her, I remember one night her being impressed by my buddy who could/can open beer bottles with his teeth. While I have yet to still perfect that art, maybe if I were to don a belt to crack the Coronas, she would look at me in a different light again. I’ll admit, too, I can’t even do the lighter trick without gouging the skin out of my thumb knuckle.

Play Like a Champion TodayThis all of course revolves around my being able to convince her that, “No. Instead of the bar, we should kick it at my place and watch bad movies. I just got Rudy used from Amazon for $0.79. You in?” And because I like themes, as well as keeping my hands dry, my beer cool, and my friends impressed and inspired. What better way than to open said brew-dog, raise an eyebrow, nod towards my guest, and slide the bottle into their very own Play Like a Champion Can Cooler. Yeah, yeah before you say anything, I know koozies are really for cans. But I will hear none of that. Beer taste better from bottles. So I will stick with them. Psh.



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