Clearly not thinking clearly. The Brain broken down by Ork. Still don’t understand…

Ork BrainOh if it isn’t just par for the course that this past weekend I put myself in a few forms of peril, risking health and well-being to save a few measly dollars. Judd and Jeremy joined me for a housewarming party a good 6 or 7 miles from where I live. Getting there was easy, as we were offered a ride. The night itself, the party and the company and lively banter was beyond amazing. In fact, a few professional connections were established, business cards exchanged, and absinthe was shared. That was possibly my undoing. Towards the end of the party, when maintaining balance was in nobody’s best interest, I got the bright idea to not call a cab and opt to walk home…in the rain…6 miles. I tend to do inane things like that. My brain. I just don’t understand it sometimes.

What’s worse is upon waking Sunday morning, I had a cold, a bruised hip, and a gash in the back of my head. In hindsight, the $15 it would have cost for a cab would have been a better investment. I’m just glad I made it home safe. That was pretty ridiculous.



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