Momentum goes out: Sneak peek of Smashburger in Aurora, CO

smashburgerEspecially in this economy, right? Especially. That’s right. I was invited to attend the sneak peek of Smashburger’s new locale in Aurora last evening. As crappy as Aurora is (it is nothing like Wayne Campbell’s hood), the new digs for one of my fave burger joints is quite nice. Sure, it shares a parking lot with a hooters frequented by, what I witnessed as some pretty white-trashy folk, but that not withstanding, the journey to the infamous part of town proved fruitful. How in good conscious could I turn down a free dinner?

I ordered my usual Smashchicken with the addition of some fries and guac (it was all free) but regrettably didn’t stay there to eat. I would have, but my guest didn’t end up coming with me, and I opted not to be that gentleman in the corner eating alone. Flying solo, though, did allow me the opportunity to not only strike up titillating conversation with a member of Smash’s PR firm (quite the cutie, I might add), as well as one of the owners of the entire chain. I went, bow tie and all, which is how the PR gal recognized me, as I promised to don the neckwear. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience, though I will probably rarely visit the Aurora spot, as there is one not a 1/4 mile from my office. However, if you find yourself out that way (Parker Rd and Yale), I suggest stopping in. Also, very nice restroom facilities. Just saying…



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