The new OS screwed my apps. What will it do to the inPulse Smartwatch?

appsflowingHey, big thanks to the new OS for my Blackberry Storm. The new interface is admittedly nice and runs a whole helluva lot smoother, but wouldn’t it just be par for the “iPhone killer” to now be unable to run more than half the apps I was able to use with the prior system? Yes. Yes, it would. I’ve searched the forums, hit Google, and tweeted my issues. I’ve done everything short of going to Verizon and going, “Dude WTF? PC Load Letter?” It’s just frustrating. As much as I defend my phone to the iPhoners out there, this is the first time I’ve actually bad-mouthed it. I am sure it’s a simple fix, but I’m not a tech-tard so it can’t be as easy as I think.

inPulseIf third party apps aren’t able to run on the new 5.0 system even when reinstalled, redownloaded, re-everythinged, it could spell trouble for other compatible devices. Say I had the InPulse, right? If the update screwed that connection up, now I would have not only a phone with corrupted apps, but, hey alright, now I have a watch that doesn’t work either. But, speaking of “par for the course.” more than half my watch collection doesn’t work because I am too lazy to get the batteries replaced. What’s one more among that collection?



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