This bull terrier will not have the chance to chew my Vans Akats.

Vans Akat“‘Loves to rough house with other dogs’,” a friend of mine said, “Means it is mean to other dogs. And ‘rambunctious’ means it likes to chew on shoes.” I listened via the Net as she read the Craigslist posting I sent her way. I found, what I though would be the perfect little companion for me in my life right now and for years to come. A 1 1/2 year old bull terrier, resembling the likes of Spuds MacKenzie. And wouldn’t you know it? After writing to the current owners, I actually heard back. The only email response I’ve received from the ten I’ve sent in the past two weeks. Excitement loomed. That was until I was informed that said breed of canine falls under the Pit Bull Ban Denver county put in place a few years back (Sec 8-55 in the Denver municipal code). Damn. Damn it to heck fire. That ban never really meant anything to me until now. I was already dreaming of the pup getting reprimanded for chewing on my Vans, begging to go for a walk, eating the food I inevitably drop, and helping me meet new people at the parks and dog runs. Thanks, Denver law, for ruining a life I haven’t had a chance to live yet.



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