Arbitrary Sale Ending date: Today at JCrew and Rugby

Jcrew style guideI’ll selfishly admit that unless it has to do only with me, myself, and I, I am terrible at remember dates. Friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, when your plane lands: I really have a hard time keeping track of it. However, I am very apologetic when and if I miss said occasions. I’ve got forty things going through my brain at any one time, so, I am sorry, and I mean this, that I did not wish you a happy birthday last week. There is, on occasion, those dates I do remember and purposely shrug the responsibility of wishing my best towards someone. Ex-girlfriends don’t deserve that luxury from me anymore anyway. HIGH FIVE, BRO!

Polo RugbyIf JCrew and Rugby had told me last week that their sales were ending today (10/28, in case you’re reading this in the future), I would not have remembered. “October 28th, you say? Well what an odd and seemingly random date for this.” The only way I was able to remember was the email blast I got from said companies. Free shipping at Crew when you enter PUMPKIN upon checkout? And 30% Rugby polos? Sign me up. Wait. I am signed up. Hence how I remembered the sales. I’ve got multiple email addresses though. So, sign me up.



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