The beast that could eat T-Rex for breakfast is in no way related to ‘Eating the Dinosaur’ by Chuck Klosterman

PliosaurusI don’t know if you’ve been reading about this or not, but I have. It seems some Dino-experts have unearthed the skull of what they believe was a creature so large, it could consume the mighty T-Rex, as they put it, for breakfast. Personally, I’m an eggs and bacon type of guy, but I have tried elk and do like buffalo, so I wouldn’t be all that adverse to trying some dinosaur meat. When in Rome, er, Dorset, right? I don’t know what’s cooler: the fact that a creature that large once roamed the Earth or the awesome artist rendition of said beast. I won’t be surprised if Mastodon calls their next LP “Pliosaurus” and uses said picture. RAWR!

Eating the DinosaurAs the snow continues to fall in Denver, my anticipation to leave the office grows, as does my nervousness of getting on the snow-packed roads with the condition my car is currently in. It’s going to be a sketchy drive to say the least. All I want is to be home, on my new couch, reading Outliers and considering purchasing Klosterman’s latest as the gigantic flakes fall outside. C’est la vie, is the saying. If I do get stuck at the office, I suppose I could sleep on the floor. There’s a sports bar across the street, too. So sustenance isn’t an issue. Unless it closes due to weather…which it most likely will. Crap.



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