The Return of Chris Birdman Andersen & The Denver Nuggets get down with OPP while I stay home and read.

Birdman AndersenThe Nuggets kick off their season tonight in a home opener against the Utah Jazz. And as “jazzed” as I am for the season, as I have decided to make an this season an avid interest of mine, I am sort of more excited about this evening’s halftime show. Sure, Rocky will undoubtedly perform some aerial mayhem (did you know he’s the highest paid mascot in the NBA?), but on top of his stunts and slam dunks, the OPP performers and all-around nice guys, Naughty by Nature will be performing. Yeah. They’re still around. And they need the money.

The book of BasketballAnd given it’s supposed to snow 12 more inches throughout today/tonight, it’s probably a better evening for reading about basketball from the comfort of my own place, versus braving the icy streets with four bald tires. But who knows? Maybe I can convince some friends that we need to see Naughty by Nature before we (or they) die and this may be our only chance. I should check their tour schedule. Except, I have no vested interest in seeing them perform anywhere except a halftime show. What does it mean when you’re career has come to performing for beer-filled basketball fans for an allotted amount of time in between quarters? Time to maybe finish that degree and move on?



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