Veritas et Aequitas: Reenacting Boondock Saints via action figures while awaiting the sequel.

BoonDock Saints Action FigureSequels, much like follow-up albums, walk a very fine line of having the ability to enhance the original installment, or completely ruin the franchise all together. For instance, 28 Days later was great. The sequel, 28 Weeks Later? Eh, not so good. I always think about The Postal Service and them not releasing a second record, save for a few remixes, b-sides, etc. That one album they did was perfect cover to cover. Releasing another attempt could have ruined the band’s reputation. I was afraid of this happening, too, to Vampire Weekend. However, upon hearing their new single, I have put those fears to rest. I can’t say the same for Boondock Saints, however.

I’ve seen the trailer (below) for the what-I-thought-was-a-joke titled, All Saint’s Day, and I’ve gotta say, I have been more stoked for other movies but am willing to give this a chance. At least they got the original brothers, right? Plus, the film reminds me of my own brother, and being the nostalgic type I am, seeing it with him would be in my best interest.




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