Winter? Check. Wintercheck? Check. North Face Nitrum Boas? Nope. Cold feet? Check.

Picture 2Denver has the uncanny ability to surprise me with its weather. As the saying goes: Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes. Amd blammo! Usually it will change. And that’s what I was expecting upon waking up this morning after yesterday’s blizzard. I was expecting a massive melt followed by sunshine and birds chirping. What actually awaited me was more snow. Not that I don’t love the cold weather and getting to wear knit caps and scarves, I’m more perturbed about not being able to move my car. It is stuck under feets of snow and enclosed in a huge powderbank.

North FaceThe problem I face now is how in the hell am I going to get to the grocery store? See, I prided myself this year on taking the reigns with the office holiday parties. The Halloween edition is tomorrow, and I’ve promised some delicious treats and spiked punch. Car’s stuck, my North Face boots are in the mountains, and I can’t find my long underwear. Now, this will either be the coldest trudge to the store, or there will be a great number of dissappointed coworkers tomorrow. Time to carefully weigh my options.




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