The Bowmentum of Failure is alive and well the day before Halloween.

bowmentumWell it took a whole helluva lot of flooring, but I was able to get out of my parallel parking space this morning. You just have to love the smell of burning rubber before 6:30am, don’t ya? I’m still a bit woozy from it, to be honest. At any rate, the reason I was up so early was due to the fact that my friend hasn’t finished making my costume, and I was looking for an impromptu one for the office party today. Not finding really anything aside from rolling up the legs of a pair of pink Polo pants, donning some sandals and an open silk shirt and saying I am “Will: upon retirement in the Bahamas,” I ended up wearing my normal garb. So, now, I have dubbed my costume, “Will: At the end of his five year plan.” I still have my hair, wearing bow ties, healthy, happy, and successful. And wouldn’t you know it? Today, I wasn’t the only one in the office with the neckwear.

Jerry LewisYessir,  coworker of mine is sporting the Jerry Lewis look today and doing quite the job of it, I might add. Upon first glance, I thought, “Oh wow, someone came dressed as me.” Don’t flatter yourself, homeboy. That only happens once in a blue moon, and last year I saw that blue moon. Yeah, she was a sweet girl dressing up as me…I sort of miss her come to think of it. Regardless, it’s good to see the Bowmentum still chugging along.

Beau TieAnd since it wouldn’t be right not sharing a new tie with the lot of you interested, I came across this Guernsey bow from Bill’s Private Stock on Beau Ties LTD. Very nice, if you ask me. Definitely part of a 5-year-plan ensemble. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” …Um. You and me celebrating the five year anniversary of that question…



2 responses to “The Bowmentum of Failure is alive and well the day before Halloween.

  1. In case you’re still striving to tie the perfect knot in your bowtie, you might want to take a look at this. It’s the best instructional video I’ve seen:

  2. neat! i love bowties. dont own one though. they never come across my mind when shopping…
    but they’re also a very interesting accessory that’s not “everydaywear” either.
    perhaps ill give them a shot! =)

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