For $400, I could have gone with a poorly sized Moof or a custom-built fixed gear from Republic Bikes.

Republic Bike

I have been going back and forth as to what to do with my bike for quite some time now. Never having pulled the trigger on any idea over the Summer, now that Winter is here, I have bought myself a little more time to make up my mind. For the longest time (read: 6 months), I have had my eyes on the Dutch-designed Moof. However, after reading more and more about it, I decided that the sizing is just not what I am looking for in a bicycle. Albeit a sweet and unique looking ride, for the same amount as it was going for on Gilt the other day, I could get one through Republic Bikes completely suited to me. Currently, I strap myself atop of celeste Bianchi Concept. And honestly, I will probably just hang onto it and readjust the stem so the angle at which I ride is not so severe. Yeah, call me a whiny cry baby, but it hurts my back riding that aggressively.

Picture 3The thing I dig most about my Concept is that I haven’t gone overboard like so many of the fixed-gear kids I see around town. Seriously, what’s with some of these colorways I see impeding traffic? That neon yellow frame with one pink, one green deep V’s, a purple saddle, ridiculously chopped risers donned with blue grips is neither pleasant to the eyes nor “cool.” I don’t mean to judge, but some of the choices these kids are making are, for lack of better word, just wrong. I suppose, though, it could act as a theft deterrent. I know I wouldn’t want to steal something that atrocious for two reasons: A) Whoever owns said bicycle or one of their would recognize it almost immediately prompting me to get my ass kicked by the tight-knit bike community in Denver, and B) I wouldn’t be caught dead riding it. I don’t know why this subject makes me so judgmental, but it does. That said, I wouldn’t have too many special requests for Republic as only one or two colors would be used. Keep it classy, San Diego.



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