Feeling Fine, Dandy, Dapper & Handy. Look the part with the Fine & Dandy 2009 Lookbook.

Fine and Dandy 2009Wearing bow ties to the office is always a crap shoot. Depending on who I see during the work day directly relates to how much guff I will take for my neck wear. The guys in accounting love nothing more than commenting on it. Sarcastic “Nice bow tie,” and “Oh aren’t you cute” jeers often come my way, which I am fine with as I can hold my own. I don’t expect the guys in the office to get it. The older ladies, though? They go nuts. I think I might remind them of their son. Meaning, I get my cheeks pinched a whole hell of a lot. Now that I enjoy. Nothing like gleefully being told you’re absolutely adorable.

Fine-and-DandyBack to the sarcasm, right quick, though. I’ve compiled a short list of the best responses I’ve used when asked, “What’s with the bow tie, Will?”

– Because I look f*cking good in it.

– Why not?

– You like it, don’t you?

– Get bent.

– Because we can’t all wear pleated-front pants with no belt and a silk button-up. BTW, button that top button. Seriously.

– My friends at the Fine and Dandy Shop released their 2009 Lookbook, and I took to it. What’s a lookbook, you ask? This conversation is over.

– Well, I believe in looking sharp. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. You appear to want to sell used cars, and I want to, maybe, be a Harvard professor.

– Everything I wear will be a trend in a year. Ask Luke.




(Photos by Patrick Roxas.)



8 responses to “Feeling Fine, Dandy, Dapper & Handy. Look the part with the Fine & Dandy 2009 Lookbook.

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  2. Nice. Perhaps together we can foresee fashions future for the midwest. Let’s repave men’s ideas on how to dress. I’m tired of common wear.

    – J

  3. a heartland/ midwest style guide –getting you out of the ‘middle’…this could be fun….

  4. check your Direct messages on twitter too (I sent you a private message)

  5. Great bow ties. Nice combos too!

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