Like a picture of Zooey Deschanel with a puppy, the J Crew Crewcuts are downright adorable.

CrewcutsThis whole “revamping my lifestyle” thing has been a very smooth and quite pleasant undertaking, purging closets, meeting new people, staying focused, eyes on the prize, etc. Lately, in an attempt to meet even more new people, I have been going to a plethora of happy hours around Denver. Realizing, yes, that I would have a better chance meeting the next misses in the produce section at the grocery or by joining a yacht club, I still enjoy the specials, the banter, the sports on TV, and the atmosphere altogether. Last night, I trekked up to the Snug for a few libations and the hope to spark up conversation with someone. Yeah, I planned on being that creepy dude who goes to the bar alone. Anyway, turns out I wasn’t the creepiest guy there afterall. The bloke on the trivia machine trying to find the differences between the pictures of naked ladies was that guy. Score.

Crewcuts 1I was, however, the kid who brought mailorder catalogs with him. And I’m glad I did, as it prevented me from having to talk to anyone but the (striking) barmaid. Aside from the fact that there wasn’t anyone to talk to, the stint at the bar allowed me some nice quiet time (quiet is relative) as I thumbed through the pages of the J. Crew and West Elm publications I brought. I wish though when I came across the Crewcuts section, I did have someone to share my thoughts with. I’m not usually one to get all “AWWWWWW” (what the hell am I saying? Yes I am,) but “adorable” is really the only way to describe these looks. I wish I looked half as good as these kids when I was growing up. Dashing. Sure, spending $200 on a pea coat the kid’s going to grow out of in a year or two isn’t the most financially responsible decision a parent could make, but who cares?

FjällrävenAdded bonus and what I have come to regard as somewhat shocking news? Shopping the kids section of resulted in me finding out the clothier carries the Fjällräven Kanken backpacks. Awesome.Not only are the packs really good looking, they resemble something the Dharma Initiative may have carried. And who doesn’t want to look like they’ve been on the island?



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