Man Up: Skulls and crossbones no longer mean “Danger.” Rugby’s Skull Intarsia Wool Sweater and Absinthe & Flamethrowers

Rugby SweaterOne of my favorite shirts comes from the bird-brand itself, Modern Amusement. It’s a striped, long-sleeve button-up, and it fits juuuuust right. If I could I would wear it everyday of my life. That’s a total lie. Sorry. I have lots of shirts I would like to wear in my lifetime. Anyway, the reason I don’t/can’t wear it more is because whenever I do, someone points out the tiny bird stitched into the left shoulder. This is detrimental to a wardrobe as a characteristic like that being pointed out nulls the shirt of being worn for at least another month or so, unless you don’t mind hearing, “Oh it’s the bird shirt again!” Yeah, it is. Do I point out that weird blanket/drug rug/ratty mess you call a shawl when you wear it? No. Get back to work. I could just imagine the, “Oh, Will’s getting creepy, guffaw guffaw,” I would get if I wore Rugby’s Skull Sweater. Yes, these are skulls. No, I do not wear eyeliner.

Absinthe and FlamethrowersWhile some actually consider skulls a manly accessory, I’ve never subscribed to that mentality. Sure, pirates were sort of cool, but not so much anymore, as the days of Jolly Rogers, swordplay, and Davy Jones Locker have been traded for the modern-day shoot-em-up with machine guns, sea thugs. But I still see the crossbones on the backs of F-150 and Dodge Rams, prompting me to think, “Okay, so some dudes find these symbols manly. It appears to be the same guys that want to beat my ass when I walk into biker bars ala ‘Wild Hogs’…tremendous flick, by the way.” The closest I will come to chest bumping, playing Russian Roulette and doing that thing with a knife when you try not to stab your hand is reading Absinthe & Flamethrowers and live dangerously vicariously. I will still jump off roofs onto recliners set aflame, though. Oh, college. Memories…



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