Preparing a business plan at a gay bar followed by shopping at Soul Haus

Android ClockThanks to a friend of mine and a somewhat lengthy and sporadic chat yesterday, new feelings of inspiration filled my afternoon prompting a night of preparation of plans of attack as to how to go about my future. When the five o’clock whistle blew, I headed out with a coworker for a beer after a long day dealing with oh-so-supportive (italics indicate sarcasm) customer service agents at Craigslist. The normal conversation took place: What a day. Glad it’s over. Tomorrow’s already Wednesday. Who gives a crap about this World Series? Etc. We settled up and I made my way home. Deciding I would be more productive to work on my future goal program in a social setting, I, for reasons I do not know, walked down to Hamburger Mary’s and got to work.

stormAfter getting most of what I wanted to get accomplished done, I was in no mood to return directly home and opted instead to check out Soul Haus’s new location. Good thing, too, as I scored an Android clock (pictured up top) for $19 and got the skinny on Storm Watches and, in turn, the rest of Storm’s line which includes bags, sunglasses, umbrellas, really sexy sleepwear for girls (hint, hint secret admirer), fragrances, wallets, clothes, board games, pens, books, and teddy bears…because, why not?

RubenI’d sleep with it…and the girl who wears that sleepwear. Storm, the brand, for the win. The phone? Not so much. Get your act together RIM.



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