America the Beautiful. Whether by car, jet, foot, bike, etc, the USA is worth the look. Even east St. Louis.

TugboatAmong my favorite of road trips is the drive from Denver to the Grand Canyon. I’ve expressed this before, but I feel the urge to reiterate my like of said trip. I don’t know why, to be honest. It’s pretty boring. There is a lot of desert-esque type landscape as you drive through the Four Corners. I think it stems from the memories I have of doing the drive with an old girlfriend and passing through the area at just the right time of night: dusk. The moon was rising, and the sun was setting. The cacti were casting the last shadows of the day, the air was warm with a slight bite of crispness, the radio was off, and the two of us had our arms out the window. It was one of those, “I’m at complete peace with everything and happier than I have ever been,” moments.

Sure, just after this, we decided to stop at the creepiest store on the entire planet to see about some beer. Helpful hint: a bodega in the middle of the desert where a bunch of scuzzy dudes are hanging in front of is not the best place to take your girlfriend. Yikes. But even as the group of creeps followed us aisle-to-aisle before we got the hell out of there, that certain charm of being scared for your life is what makes it all worth living. And thanks to the cool art by the guys over at Tugboat Printshop, I can remember my trips on a map of this great nation unlike any I’ve seen before. I would think twice before sticking pushpins into $425 print, though.



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