Timeless down to the details: Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses and the 1950s Wolverine Gloves Advertising Bandana

RaybanA little while back, I traded my brother, strait up, his pair of Super sunglasses for my classic, black Ray-Bans, ala Marty McFly trying to blend in circa 1950. Do I regret this decision? Not whatsoever, as I look damn handsome in the crystal-indigo frames. Do I wish I still had my Ray-Bans, though? Lord knows that’s for sure. That’s why, perhaps, while on one of my frequent mall visits yesterday, I was stoked to see that J. Crew at Cherry Creek is now carrying their Clubmasters. Ryan, as you may or may not know as my personal shopper at that location, notified me that they may never be getting in the shades. Shenanigans, I say. He may just have wanted to keep them for himself, but I saw through that mumbo-jumbo and will be snagging a pair of my own come next paycheck, and pending any unforeseen (read: impulse, late night) purchases between now and then.

WolverineBandana_L1Speaking of the 1950s, though, if I had a friend I knew was traveling back in time, I would try to jot down a list of things for him to buy me while on his voyage. Side note: did Marty McFly have any friends besides Jennifer? He seemed like he was a pretty popular kid at school, what with the principal coming down on him all the time and having that bitchin truck. Plus he could skateboard. Where were all his friends? Would anyone have missed him if he never came back? If one of my cohorts had access to a Delorean, I would be their friend stat. And I wouldn’t be happy if he never returned from the 1950s, especially if I had given him a list that may or may not include Wolverine Gloves, PF Fliers, some baseball cards, candy, and maybe the title to a car I would have him store in a garage for 60 years. McWorld. Hey, it could happen.



6 responses to “Timeless down to the details: Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses and the 1950s Wolverine Gloves Advertising Bandana

  1. Love the glasses. Love.
    Wish I had it in me…and the time…to write every day as you do!

  2. “SADECE ŞAPKA” sloganıyla, promosyon şapka imalatı yapan firmamız, uzman kadrosu ve yılların verdiği birikim ve tecrübeyle siz değerli seçkin müşterilerimizin hizmetinde olmaktan kıvanç ve mutluluk duymaktadır…

  3. It’s the classic East Coast look, it won’t get any better than this. Never ever.

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