A first timer in Nashville and a planned trip to Billy Reid. Tally ho.

Billy Reid GlovesIf there ever was a cheerleader to champion the finer points Denver has to offer, I would gladly be that bugle boy. I am already dead-set on never leaving here save for some plans to travel and see a bit more of the world here and there. I’ve never been to Tokyo or the UK or even Nashville for that matter. Of these places, it would seem that, after this past weekend, the country music capital is the next place to scratch off the list. I know I’ve got a trip to Portland planned as well, but what’s another few hundred for a ticket to Nashville? Not only would I have a quite stylish tour guide (thanks, Jeremy, for the introduction), I could cruise into Billy Reid and see if the email I got Friday afternoon is legit; a reader telling me how much he misses the NYC Billy Reid location after he moved.

Billy Reid bowtieAmong my favorite activities when visiting another city is stopping into the one of a kind shops and outfitters native to the area. Yes, it’s always fun to stop into Urban Outfitters and H&M’s in other places, but I prefer cruising the side streets, finding little shops and curios to patronize. Like in Costa Rica four years ago, had I not been in a dusty alley looking for this rumored pizza joint, I wouldn’t have been offered what I am sure was the finest cocaine around. Unfortunately all my money was promised to the pizza and beer…or is it “fortunately”?



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