For the love of themed pub crawls and Sperry Topsiders.

131510_1_alv_825Somehow I missed quite the spectacular event this past weekend: Seems a group of folks got together, donned lumberjack apparel, and proceed on a Colfax pub crawl in said garb. How I was not aware of this is beyond me, and I am actually quite upset I missed it on a number of levels. The first being the fact that the female contingent that dressed up were gorgeous. And a girl in lumberjack gear? Be still the ticker. The second reason, I want to meet some new people. So, I have decided to take charge and plan the next epic crawl, complete with new theme and route.

DYCI’m officially announcing the Momentum Yacht Club Pub Crawl. If you’ve read any of my musings here, you know I have a sick affinity for all things boat shoes, topsiders, and nautical-themed decor. It seems though that everyone is doing this Colfax route, which means I need to find another path to take. If I could get Sperry to sponsor this thing, maybe throw a new pair of Topsiders my way even though I did snag a pair of Camper Mocs yesterday for $15 new, the night would be spectacular. We have a few sea-loving bars around town so there’s that option. Stay tuned for updates. Also, throw a comment down there if you’re into partaking in this. And a quick side note: I recently found out Colorado actually has a Yacht Club…the highest Yacht Club in the nation, as a matter of fact.



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