Creativity is a privilege, not a right. Blank Label isn’t here to judge. That’s my job.

FabricWhen I was asked by the blokes at Blank Label to create a shirt of my own and let them know what I thought of it, I was at first flattered, then excited, then extremely torn. I was eager to get on their site and see exactly what the deal was. When I checked out what the BL Crew had to offer, I bit off more than I bargained for. I knew ahead of time the company specializes in allowing visitors to customize their own button-ups, but I wasn’t privy yet to how exactly the process works.  After a little clicking around, the site unfolded itself into a rather fun experience and, actually, a good way to kill a little time whether you end up buying your creation or not.

Blank Label ShirtWhen I refer to me being torn, it mainly had to do with the fact that, for the life of me, I couldn’t settle on any one creation. Going through the process of designing my shirt more than about 25 times, I did finally settle on what I think is quite the dapper design. It was easy to get out of control, though. There are many choices available to you as you make the steps towards completion. I stuck with stripes and a few minor contrasts, nothing crazy. Actually designing something I would wear was not as entertaining, though, as designing the most hideous creation one has ever laid eyes on. But therein lies the beauty of Blank Label. There’s not an “Are you sure?” or “No, I’m sorry. We won’t be making that for you,” button. When all was said and done with what I could picture myself wearing, I sent off my order to the gents and was promised a 21-day turnaround time which, to me, seems like a fair and short amount of time to go from scratch to shirt. When it comes, I will let the lot of you know how I like it. Stay tuned.



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