One step closer to the Yacht Club pub crawl and getting the Belted Cow Company in on the action.

Belted Cow BeltThis past weekend, like I said yesterday, I missed the Lumberjack Pub Crawl up Colfax which is literally two blocks from my place. As sorta semi-mad as I was about this, I decided to take said frustration and channel it into something constructive. So I hopped on the ball and announced the Yacht Club Pub Crawl. Getting drunk with other boat & sea enthusiasts in a landlocked state while wearing topsiders, wayfarers, captains hats and white pants? Maybe learning how to tie a few knots… Man, this is going to be one helluva night. Maybe throw in a nautical belt from Maine’s Belted Cow Co. for good measure and things are looking solid gold.

CollarAdmittedly (a word I love using it would seem), I didn’t hear about the Belted Cow until last night via my friends at Taylor Stitch, and that’s a shame, actually. Having the chance to check their stock of artist-designed totes, belts, flip flops and, what I’m most excited about, leashes and collars, I am anxious to to start to consider possibly maybe placing an order. Further than just offering nicely stitched goods, the Cow also offers the ability to have items customized for you. So, if I want to get a dog, name it, say, Pericles the Great, then, dammit, his leash and collar combo can reflect that better than if I just took a magic marker to a cheap one from PetsMart.

Brief side note: Careful what you Twitter. I mentioned the Pub Crawl to the Twitterverse and got a slew of replies from bots and borgs saying they will help me plan. One of them is actually quite brilliant, but I could have done without the lot of them. At any rate, if you’re in for a Yacht Club Pub Crawl, let me know.



4 responses to “One step closer to the Yacht Club pub crawl and getting the Belted Cow Company in on the action.

  1. If only I were in Denver I’d be there with my entire collection of navy and white striped nautical wares.

  2. – Needlepoint belts, flip-flops, dog collars, etc… (They have some nautical themed stuff… I’m more of a booze-themed man myself, though)

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