An affirmation from me to me to you courtesy of Polo Rugby.

Love youSometimes we all need an “I’m just thinking of you…” reminder. And when it comes from that special lady friend (or guy friend, whatever), it’s all the better. But what about those without said gal (or guy) pal? Just because you don’t have someone to send and recieve sweet nothing to and from doesn’t mean all hope and a nice reminder that someone loves you are out the door.

Thanks to a checkout option (at no additional charge) at, I was able to fill a small void and satiate my heart’s appetite, at least for an evening. So next time you find yourself “Will Shopping” (aka: late night browsing of the Net with beverage in hand), check to see if you can send a little note your way. I know it made me feel pretty good, as I had forgotten I did it in the first place. New bow tie? $40. A surprise from me to me? Priceless.

Have a good day.



7 responses to “An affirmation from me to me to you courtesy of Polo Rugby.

  1. Hahaha, that IS priceless. Why did I never think of this. Doing it every time now.

    • momentumoffailure

      Definitely do. It makes you feel a lot better about a potentially regrettable purchase. Not that the tie will be regretted, but you know what I mean.

  2. Hahaha. The classic “I Love Me” gift! I usually do this every two weeks, sans note, but nonetheless it feels good. Great shit Will.

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  4. A little self-talk never hurt anyone. I’ll probably throw in a “you deserve this blazer…and it was on sale so feel good about it” next time.

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