All eyes on the Emcee of the White Elephant Party and Rugby’s Favorites.

Rugby Party FavoritesEach year, my parents host a white elephant party and each year I somehow manage to take the spotlight as the emcee for the evening, calling out names, monitoring the trades, drinking wine, the whole sha-bang. I enjoy this duty on a number of levels as I dig being the center of attention and it saves me the headache of having to participate myself and wondering if I will end up with the “best” gift or not. Last year, I believe the choice present was some sort of talking alarm clock. The year before that was either a punching nun puppet or a set of Denver Broncos figurines, I forget. At any rate, holiday parties are perhaps my favorite part of the whole Yuletide scramble.

Polo RugbyThis year I am more excited though to play emcee what with the wardrobe overhaul. Frequenting the pages of and scoring deals at J. Crew in the mall has yielded some highly massive and quite good looking results. Today, for instance, I walked out of the Crew with a Chambray button up and knit tie for $35. Deal, Howie! And now with the unveiling of Rugby’s Party Favorites, who knows what’s in store for the pocketbook, or wallet, in my case. I already promised to bow tie it to the company party I planned this year, so we’ll see if I man up enough to go, too, with suspenders. Life is all about throwing curveballs. And I got a wicked one.


One response to “All eyes on the Emcee of the White Elephant Party and Rugby’s Favorites.

  1. We have a family white elephant gift exchange every year as well… But we do it online, because we are scattered around the country.

    Our last online exchange lasted 19-days and we shared over 800 comments, images and videos on the party page. This event has become something we talk about all year!

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