Reliving high school days in my late 20’s via Scout restoration.

HarvesterI’ve been looking for a new ride for a bit now and haven’t yet decided on anything save for the fact that whatever I purchase has to be able to handle the mountains. I’ve been looking at Honda Elements, Impreza wagons, 4Runners, CRVs, Touregs, and a slew of other more SUV-centric autos. By the way, if you have any pointers, I’m all ears and very open to suggestions. Aside, when I get into one of my train-of-though modes, it yields some interesting results. I want a car to handle the mountains in the Winter because I want to partake in all the Rockies have to offer, including skiing/snowboarding. In college, I was able to clock close to 80 days of riding being that the school was a half hour from Crested Butte. Then I got to thinking about the kids I used to ride with and how one of them was a huge Scout enthusiast akin to the group of kids I hung out with in high school.And that’s how it started…

Scout IIPutting off searching the pages of Craigslist for modern autos, I have now begun the hunt for an old Scout II to restore. Aware that this is probably the least fuel efficient choice I could make, and I am probably better off going with something new, but the want and desire, for the time being, are taking hold of my everyday and not letting go. It doesn’t help that with my focus now on Scouts, I am seeing them all over the place. In fact, this morning on the way to work, I saw the cleanest Travelall I have ever seen. Cherry red. Old guy driving. Primo shape. Maybe I’m better off saving for a few more years and making this restoration a retirement goal, or at least wait until I have a garage so I am not working on it roadside out side of my condo. Perhaps some of my old friends would be willing to part with their Scouts, given they still have them. Time to check Facebook.


Photos courtesy of Wisconsin Historical Society and


5 responses to “Reliving high school days in my late 20’s via Scout restoration.

  1. Man, Will, I think we are connected. Just this morning i was riding my motorcycle past a bad ass Scout Traveler thinking about doing the same thing (except with a Scout 80 or 800, the older ones) and reminiscing about those years at the International Rendezvous, crazy!

    • momentumoffailure

      I think I will take this on after I can ink a deal on a house in the suburbs in 10 or so years. I will have to have something to do to get away from the wife and kids for a bit.

    • The Rendezvous was always fun, miss my old “Scout Leads the Way” T-shirt.

      Would love to get in on a II resto or something though, reliving the glory days of the Mormon clicks front yards and garages, and after school trips to Rampart.

  2. Scouts rule! Make it a bio-diesal!

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