Generating Interest: Momentum of Failure meets Taylor Stitch

taylor stitchWhen I got a message the other day from Michael at Taylor Stitch, I was excited and flattered, and that was before we started discussions regarding getting some custom shirts made up. A few emails back and forth have proven fruitful as ideas on how we can work together have been talked about. I’ve taken a liking to these customized brands as of late, though my trips to J. Crew and late-night Rugby purchases haven’t ceased. This is just an addition to the list and another, more quality way, to blow through the bi-monthly paychecks. Savings? Psh. Un-American, I say. We need to stimulate the economy. And I can’t do it alone, people.

Taylor Stitch GinghamSo in light of stimulation (heh), I will be working with Michael in designing a few limited edition button ups available exclusively through Taylor Stitch and Momentum of Failure. When this project comes to fruition, who would be interested in sporting the result of the hard work? Or, hey, let’s play this game real quick: Throw some ideas into the comment box as to what sort of material/design/patterns/etc. you would like to see for this limited edition shirt. Who knows, if we go with what you suggest, it may just result in you looking sharper for less in a creation you helped design. Stay tuned for updates.



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