The Bowmentum of Failure: Let’s hear it for the ladies and their bow ties.

Girls Bow TieDo I keep coming back to BTUnique’s Etsy site because I am looking for a female-inspired bow tie of some sort for a good friend of mine because I made her a promise to find her something sporting the classic style of the bow? Perhaps. Do I visit regularly because I have a slight crush on the model? I’m not saying. What I will tell you, though, is that I do like BTU’s use of the neckwear. Plus, when I make a promise to a friend, I generally enjoy following through on it. Does it always happen? Hardly. But can I say with assurance that more oftentimes I do come through versus dropping the ball alttogether? As Tony Perkins says: You better believe it.

BTUniqueThat said, I have pointed my female contingent the way of some good bow tie-related items, whether it be these or the bow tie sweater from last Friday. I realized though in my searching that I may not be the best source when it comes to neck-cessories for the girls/women out there. I mean, yeah I know what I think looks good and what I want to see on the lady of my desire, but when it comes down to brass tacks, I should probably be asking advice. So, let me have it, ladies. Would you wear a bow tie? If yes, How? Where would you get it? Etc. Answer any and all questions you can think of. Let’s get a dialogue going. Oh, and if you wouldn’t, why not? Is it because I have offended you? I hope not.



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