Come on, baby. Sweat with me until morning. It’s Friday and Cobraconda is playing.

cobracondaI know that it’s Monday and most everyone is hating life, having to start another work week and all, but cheer up, young soldiers, Friday is just a quick 5 days away. To spare you from having to think of something fun to do, I will go ahead and say you should just plan on coming out to City Hall to dance and sweat and get out of hand with me and some of Denver’s finest and funnest DJs. It’s probably going to be a better time than what you already have planned, unless those plans include space travel, racing cars across Europe, a party at the Moon Tower, or watching the entire series of the OC and turning Seth’s quips into a drinking game. And since you’re not going to be doing any of those, you might as well join me.

flierBoulder buddies and 3OH!3 tour sharers, Cobraconda, will be spinning some tunes for the lot of you while you wait with bated breath to see if you win anything from Acropolis Apparel. You might want to bring your “A Game” as my camera will be charged and ready to capture your soul. For more information and to get down with what’s up, feel free to check out the Facebook Event page and purchase your tickets here. Now, in return for planning your Friday for you, why don’t you buy me a drink, and we’ll call it square. That, or like this past Saturday night, I may just have to insist on sleeping on your futon. My back hurts today, btw.



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