Eleventeen again: A night of the New Super Mario Brothers on the Wii and WWE

Taking a step back from buying topsiders, ties, polos, khakis, and merino sweaters, I decided to dedicate 50 of my hard-earned dollars and purchase the New Super Mario Brothers yesterday during my lunch hour. I’m not all that huge of a gamer, granted, and I don’t get the whole craze of being able to connect to other video game fanatics remotely ala Vince Vaughn in the Breakup. Perhaps if I tried it, my opinion would change, but for the most part, I’m happy playing a video game from time to time without making a huge deal of it. That was until I picked up the latest installment of the Mario saga. I hadn’t actually played Wii in probably 6 months until Sunday when I started feeling bad about the machine collecting dust. It would appear now that my recent attempts to get out and about more will be put, once again, on the back-burner, as I foresee many a night staying in trying with great valor to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to stop on by and partake in the fun with me. Last night, though, playing solo was perfect. Though, I had to make a concerted effort to put the controller down, make dinner, and watch at least a little TV as to not finish the game in one evening. And what TV did I watch to complete the reliving of my youth? Wrestling. WWE wrestling. Although I don’t keep up anymore and almost every “superstar” in that organization is unfamiliar to me, last night saw the return of Rowdy Roddy effing Piper. Really. Wow. At any rate, the game is definitely worth the $50 seeing as how it is more of an investment in my childhood and furthering my never having to grow up. Not that I will soon buy a Bowser pillow, but if I wanted to and just have it out for game nights, I could.


2 responses to “Eleventeen again: A night of the New Super Mario Brothers on the Wii and WWE

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  2. Oh man, I got this game the other day but haven’t gotten my Wii back from the pawn shop yet, can’t wait!!

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